How To Create Business Email Address In Less Than 5 Minutes

Do you want to create a business email address? To attract new clients to your business you need a professional email address instead of common Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft.

We’ll show you how to create a free business email address for your domain. This will make your brand professional and reliable.

Before starting let’s know about the email address and domain.

Create A Free Business Email Address

What is a business email address?

A business email address is an email that uses your company/brand domain name. To create a business email address you’ll need a domain first.

For example our email [email protected] is connect to our domain

just-journal email address

Why is it important to use your own domain?

  • It looks professional & reliable
  • When you send emails it promotes your company
  • Company email gains trust of people
  • It’s easy to remember company domain rather than uncommon mails

Always try to make the domain name unique and easy to remember.

Is there anyway to get business email address for free?

No, it’s not possible to get an email address with your customized domain name at end of it for free.

You have to pay for the hosting and domain name for your company website to get an email that ends with your domain name.

Method 1: Create a business email address using HostGator

Step 1: Choosing Your Hosting Plan

HostGator is a very cheap and easy-to-use hosting platform that gives your free business email accounts with every hosting you purchase.

You don’t need to create a website first, you can just signup and start using their email service with any of your domains.

HostGator Home

First of all, go to HostGator hosting plans.

Here’s the view of what you’ll get in every plan.

They are giving free domains with every plan you buy.

Compare all the plans and choose which one is good for you before buying and click BUY NOW.

HostGator Plans

Okay now, let’s go to the next page and sign up for your domain!

Step 2: Choosing Your Domain

HostGator Domain
Remember It's best to buy a .com domain so it'll give your email address a professional look.

Now Scroll down and you can uncheck the Domain Privacy Protection if you don’t want it:

Make sure to fill in the form details correctly below.

HostGator Domain Privacy

Scrolling down to section 2 check for the Hosting Plans and make sure you’ve selected the correct one, fill out your personal details in section 3 and Provide the payment details in section 4.

Scrolling to the last section 5, sometimes HostGator will add some additional services to your account, you can uncheck all these boxes because you add them later unless you know what you’re doing.

All right now it’s time to make a payment.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a free domain & it’s ready to create a business email address.

Step 3: Creating a Free Business Email Address

Just set up your account now and then you’re ready to go!

Go to your Dashboard and click Email Accounts on the right panel. (See in the image below)

Creating Free Business Email Address

Once you’re there you’ll find all these settings you need to fill in the detail.

1. Create username you want under the email section.
2. Generate a strong password or you can use your own.
3. You'll be given with mailbox quota, set it as you want.
Process for Business Email Address Account Creation

Click Create Account.

And boom you’re done with creating a Professional Business Email Address!

Method 2: Create a business email address using NameCheap

NameCheap offers 30 Free Business Email Addresses for your Domain name with every Hosting plan. And its plans are quite affordable.

It comes with a free one TLD Domain name with annual hosting plans. You get a lot more with the annual package.

Step 1: Choosing Your Hosting Plan

So first step is to choose the hosting plan you need.

Head to NameCheap and choose the plan that suits your need and click Get Started.

NameCheap Hosting Plans

Step 2: Choosing Your Domain

Now we need to choose a Domain name for your brand, which will appear in your business email address.

You’ll be given TLD free domain with 0$ written with it or you can just type in any domain name you want.

NameCheap Domain

Once you choose the name for your domain click Connect to Hosting the next step is to create your account.

Click Add to Cart and now create your account.

Fill in the details for billing and you’re done.

Remember NameCheap will add some extra security features for your domain, you can uncheck them all because you can add them later. If you know what you're doing then go with it.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll receive a confirmation email from NameCheap and you’ve now successfully created a hosting account.

Step 3: Creating a Free Business Email Address

Creating an Email Address with NameCheap is very easy and fast. We connected our domain while creating our account so the next step is just to create your Email.

Log in to your NameCheap Dashboard and go to your Cpanel.

NameCheap Business Email Address Accounts

On your Cpanel dashboard click Email Accounts.

NameCheap Business Email Address Create

Click Create When you’re in Email Accounts.

NameCheap Business Email Address Settings

Now NameCheap will ask for a username before @yourdomain. Generate a strong password to keep it secure from breaches.

Click Create and you’re done with creating a professional Business Email address. If you want more emails for your domain repeat the same steps and you can get up to 30 free professional Email Addresses.

Now you just need to access your Email Account.

NameCheap Business Email Address Access

Once you’re done with creating an account, click check email in the list, and the webmail page will open.

NameCheap will ask for a default login application but it doesn’t matter you can choose between any of them.

NameCheap will give you some instructions which you can use to conenct your email to your Phone, Tablet, Computer or Laptop.

Click Open and you can start sending emails.

You’ve successfully created a professional Business Email Address.

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