Impact Of Digital Technology On Human Life

We know technology has become the need of our lives, from infants to adults everyone’s addicted. In addition to this digital technology is transforming our work tasks. It also affects how we spend our lives; photo albums to social media platforms, CDs to MP3 files, paper maps to GPS, books to e-books, letters to email etc. Funds can be transferred from anywhere in the world, you can buy groceries, food, and clothes online. It’s also providing us with safety when it comes to surveillance security or medical devices.

A hacker on a hacking forum leaked the data of millions of Facebook users. This data included the personal information of more than 533 million Facebook users all over the world of which 32 million records on users in the US, 11 million in the UK, 6 million in India and 3 million users in Pakistan. It included their Facebook credentials, full names, locations, birthdates, contact numbers, bios, in some cases emails with their home addresses.

The leaked data was a jackpot to cybercriminals who use people’s personal information to imitate them or scam them into Phishing attacks.

How Does Phishing Attack Work?

Impact Of Digital Technology On Human Life | Phishing Attack

The leaked data was discovered when a user in some online hacking forum advertised an automated bot that could provide confidential information for millions of Facebook users around the world for a price. 

The final frontier of the digital technology is integrating in your own brain.

Ramez Naam

Who is the victim in this case?

Facebook is a free social platform used all around the world. People share their life experiences by posting them here. All Facebook users were now at risk.

What could possibly happen due to this breach?

We all try to keep our data confidential because the more someone knows about you the more exploitable you become. All this sensitive information like Name, Identity Number, Email, Phone Number, Address could possibly lead to fraud or phishing attacks.

How could someone use this data to target me?

When someone gets their hands on all this information about you, they simply combine all this data and use it against you e.g., we sometimes receive email or messages from our Bank asking for the information, so knowing it’s from our Trusted Bank we provide them with the details and now they have access to your Bank.

Where has this ever happened?

In US presidential election 2020, two Iranian hackers by cracking misconfigured computers collecting data of more than 100000 voters, used all this to create fake identities and edit emails in the ballots.

Why did this even happen?

Millions of lines codes are written by humans working under pressure. This leads to codes bug or severe problems causing it to stop working or behave strangely in some situations.

How to use Digital Technology Safely?

Digital technology has made daily tasks easier but vulnerable too. We should avoid providing our personal information to anyone on the internet, try to share less about our daily life routine with social media people, try to keep it limited. Try to keep your privacy settings on whatever platform you use. Be careful with what you download and keep your passwords secure. Don’t just meet anyone you meet on the internet and be careful with what you post online. It’s difficult but not impossible to take security measures about your information.

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