Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Campaign More Effective

It’s the age of email marketing. With more people than ever before opening their inbox to find a deluge of spam and newsletters with welcome emails, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you make these simple adjustments, you can increase your open rate and win over new customers with these simple email marketing campaign types.

Before we start let me tell you a little about email marketing.

promotional emails

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of email communication where you email content to subscribers with the hope of achieving email marketing. Depending on your email marketing objectives and audience, different forms of promotional emails can be used for different purposes. Here we cover commonly used email types:

  • Welcome email
  • Transactional email
  • Promotional email
  • Product launch email
  • A/B Testing email
  • Social email, and email marketing automation and email list management and email newsletter and transactional emails and promotional emails, and product launches and a/b.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important digital marketing strategy. It’s cheap, easy, and effective. Now it’s easy doesn’t mean you have to do anything at all. Sure, you can purchase a list of people that have opted-in to receive your emails but to really succeed in email marketing, you need to know how to write enticing messages that will keep people interested in your company.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Brand Awareness Growth

Email marketing has the power to reach an extremely targeted audience at a low cost. digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience for a few reasons, “A large number of your leads will be email leads. Leads that convert into sales are most likely the ones you generated from your email marketing campaigns. You can easily advertise your brand, products, news, services, educational content, and web news with your subscribers.

Web Traffic Generation

Nowadays, email marketing is one of the best ways to generate web traffic. An email list is like gold dust for every business because it provides an opportunity to get in touch with your customers, followers, and other people who are interested in your business. You can simply add call-to-action to your welcome emails and redirect the subscriber to your landing pages or website.

Sale and Revenue

You can try different techniques via email marketing to show your product or service in front of subscribers. Offer discount code, coupons, or free delivery for more revenue. You can share a collection of your top feature product updates with a good display to gain their attention to generating new leads.

Customers Engagement

In an increasingly competitive business environment, marketers need to employ effective email marketing strategy to engage customers. In today’s digital era, customer engagement emails have become even more important to the success of a business because it has become one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction and retain existing customers.

Valuable Data Collection

You can use a powerful tool to automate your email sending on customers’ behavior. Emails allow you to collect different types of data about your customer and his/her behavior. You can check analytics, send email surveys or feedback forms. Using tools whenever customer subscribes to your business, send them a welcome email with thank you notes. Try switching your email marketing campaign types strategy because every user expects differently.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

If you’re new to email marketing then it may seem like a disaster but following simple procedures, it doesn’t have to be very overwhelming or complicated.

we’ll discuss details of how to get it done:

Step 1: Goal of Your Email Campaign

The first step of email marketing is to understand your goal and how it will bring you closer to the end result. For example, if you want to increase sales by 30% within six months, then your focus should be on achieving this overall objective as opposed to sending an email each day or week with a specific call-to-action.

Step 2: Describe Your Target Audience

The next step is to define your email marketing target audience. Understanding age, gender, location, purchase habits so you are ready to get the most out of your efforts. The messages in your campaign should be tailored according to your target audience, such as kitchen appliance purchasers.

Step 3: Email Marketing Campaign Types

It is about communicating with people who have shown an interest in your business, products, or services. Your customers, prospects, and suppliers are all likely to receive email marketing campaigns.

These are the most popular email marketing campaign types


Newsletters are sent to people who have expressed an interest in your products or services. You can use these to deliver product updates, special offers, and information about upcoming events. You can send these regularly (weekly/monthly), and the content should be relevant.

Promotional Emails

With promotional emails, the key objective is getting new buyers. Your email is trying to make them aware of your business, its products, or its services. The timing of the campaign must be right because you only have one chance to grab their attention.

Transactional Emails

An account transactional email is sent when a person performs a specific action (buys, registers, etc.). These emails are generally one-to-one and contain information about the person’s account activity.

Customer Service Emails

These emails are sent to existing customers who have asked questions or had problems with your product or service. You can use this type of email to help build audience loyalty by thanking past followers for being loyal, telling them about future offers, etc.

Welcome Emails

E-commerce businesses often follow up with the audience after purchase to welcome them and offer additional support with a welcome email. The best welcome emails are short and interesting to take action. Their main focus is to take subscribers to the “next step.”, sending them the relevant content.

Some other Email Marketing Campaign Types

  • Holiday emails
  • Future emails
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Product announcements emails
  • Seasonal emails
  • Content announcement email
  • Feedback emails
  • Invitation emails
  • Follow up email
  • Dedicated email

Step 4: Perfect Time to Send your Email

As with most marketing endeavors, timing is crucial. You don’t want to send your emails on the weekend when your prospects are busy having fun. Instead, work out which day and time of day give you the best chance of meeting your goals (i.e., making sales).

The data shows that the best days to send an email newsletter are Tuesday and Wednesday. The best times to send an email? According to Experian, it’s between 8 am and 4 pm on a business day, when people are checking their inboxes at work.

In order to conduct our research for this post, we pulled together data from the DMA 2013 Marketing Census report, Epsilon’s 2012 Q4 TargetPoint report, while also analyzing data from some of the top eCommerce brands in North America.

The secret to Successful Email Campaigns

Know your audience

To start with, you need to know who you are writing for. Depending on the type of business (brand/company) that you have, you need to have a clear vision of who your target customers/users are. Do the research and find out what their needs and preferences are so that you know them better. This helps develop a more targeted approach while writing the email copy.

Know your goals

Before you start with any campaign, it is important to determine what exactly do you expect from the whole process. As mentioned earlier, there could be several goals but for any company/website, having more sales is an obvious one. Alternatively, it could also be nurture leads generation campaign or simply getting some attention online by showing up in newsfeeds everywhere! You can identify multiple goals of course, but always make sure that they directly tie in with your company ideology too which is extremely important.

Plan your content

Once you have decided what to achieve, it is time to plan the content that you need. Decide on knowing how many emails will be sent and when that might happen. Moving forward, you also need to think about the design and layout of your email campaign as well as the images and videos used in your communication with the users. For this step, we would recommend hiring professionals only because they know what works best for different types of businesses across industries.

Design matters a lot!

So now you know who your target audience is, what are their needs from you etc, but another important thing that no brand can ignore is how engaging or appealing your communication looks. The correct use of, images/videos, colors, fonts, subject lines, etc can do wonders for your email campaigns. Though it may sound like a very generic and common sense type of statement, you would be surprised to know how many businesses make this fatal mistake. Make sure that the design is good and there is no grammatical error as well!

Test test and re-test

As we mentioned above, always make sure that the email looks good as well as works properly on all devices. It needs to work fine across different mobile phones as well as desktop computers because if even one person has an issue with it, they might unsubscribe from your list! However, before you send anything out to anyone; test it at least 3-4 times on different types of devices.

What Makes for a Successful Email Campaign

Standard emails can be impersonal and vague, but when you add a little personality and make your emails more personal, you’ll see that your open rates will go up. You’ll learn more when you’ll try different email marketing campaign types.

You’ll want to personalize each email with the recipient’s name or something else that relates to them. Make sure to send your message at a time when it’s convenient for them and also include an image of yourself. This will help establish a one-on-one relationship with your subscriber.

In crafting the content of your email, use short sentences and paragraphs to prevent people from becoming bored or frustrated by the amount of information. Keep the content concise and provide only the necessary information for what they need to know about what you’re offering to engage or purchase.

By making these simple adjustments in how you send emails, you’ll see an increase in open rates!

Open rates and click-throughs

The open rate for your email is one of the most important statistics to track. It tells you how many people are opening your emails link and, more importantly, what they think of them.

Your email marketing campaign should be tailored to encourage people to open each email link.

If you know that your lead has opened at least 50% of your previous emails, then you can assume that they are interested in what you have to say. This knowledge will help you create more engaging content for future campaigns.

It’s also important to consider the click-through rate on your emails. This statistic measures how many people are clicking on the link within an email. A high click-through rate indicates that readers are interested in what you have to offer and want more information about it and that creates a good relationship.

Here are some tips to make your email marketing campaign more effective:

1) Use a catchy subject line that piques curiosity and entices the reader to open the message.

2) Include a personal introduction that speaks directly to the reader and tells them what they will learn from reading this email.

3) Be as concise as possible in order to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say about your company, sales, or whatever you’re trying to say.

4) Send Thank you emails to your subscribers, give them emotional responses.

5) Try to get it SEO optimized.

6) Remember, as, with any other form of marketing, less is always more!


Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your business subscribers, find new ones, and keep them updated on your latest products. It can be tough to make your campaigns stand out among the rest, but by following these tips you can make your emails more effective.

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