Best Payment Gateways In The USA For Ecommerce Stores 2022

Online payment gateways have been growing in popularity since the advent of the internet in the USA and all around the world. It is common for these payment gateways to be connected with other online businesses.

After learning more about the importance of payment gateways, many mobile app ideas revolve around them. Mobile apps often find that payment methods take longer than other features to process.

Payment gateways must protect your privacy. Its primary purpose is to replace physical currency.

The Journey — Starting with Establishment

Let’s look at 1994 when technology was on the edge of surge with new innovations. Stanford Federal Credit Union began offering online banking to its customers. Although the algorithm was complex and did not fit in with changes, yet it marks the beginning. Later, tech geeks introduced many payment gateways with upgraded and higher-end versions. Which are still used for smooth money transactions.

Payment gateways are used by e-commerce platforms to facilitate customers’ interactions. Today’s common people rely heavily on online shopping websites to purchase everything they need. A mobile app developer is hired by businesses to develop an app for their online business. They want to incorporate a seamless payment gateway.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the top Payment Gateways in the USA.

1. PayPal

PayPal top payment gateway USA
Source: PayPal

One of the most popular payment gateways in the USA is PayPal. PayPal, which was established in 1998, is an industry leader with over 360 million registered users and support for more than 100 currencies. Its global network of processors has enabled merchants to accept payments from customers around the world and has made it a popular choice for eCommerce stores. Its features and ease of use make it a top choice for many eCommerce sites, regardless of size.


  • Secure and seamless checkout
  • Shop mobile-first with a smooth checkout
  • Supports 100+ currencies
  • Fraud protection technology


  • Integration with your website is easy
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Reliable and robust


  • Transaction fees high
  • In the event of disputes, frozen accounts

2. Braintree

Source: Braintree

Braintree is another great payment gateway in the USA. PayPal acquired it and it has since expanded to more than 45 countries. Braintree, through its partnership with Coinbase, can accept Bitcoin payments. This provider is a specialist in mobile and web payment gateways. It offers data encryption and fraud protection to help protect your data.

Payments can be accepted via a variety of methods including Venmo and MasterCard, Visa, Google Pay, and Venmo. You can integrate it with other platforms like Apple Pay and Google Wallet to lower cart abandonment rates.


  • Service provider that is PCI-compliant
  • Optimized to be used on mobile and the web
  • Buy and pay later
  • Integrations with third parties are easy


  • Integration with your website is easy
  • A seamless checkout can increase conversion
  • Recurring billing is possible
  • Account updater
  • Solid reporting


  • There are way too many chargebacks

3. Stripe

stripe top payment gateway USA
Source: Stripe

Stripe offers the best customer service and payment gateways in the USA. With a PCI-certified solution, Stripe is one of the best-suited payment gateways for eCommerce stores.

Apart from offering a PCI-compliant payment solution, SecurePay also supports recurring billing and PCI-DSS compliance. It charges 2.9% + 30C per transaction for card and digital wallet transactions.


  • Fraud protection
  • You can issue virtual and physical cards
  • Take control of your business spending
  • Certification to the highest standards


  • It is simple to integrate your website with it
  • It’s easy to integrate your website into it
  • Power payments for in-person and online retailers
  • Subscription businesses supported
  • 99.9%+ uptime
  • Scalable & Redundant


  • This list does not support countries.


Authorize.Net was founded in 1996 and is trusted by over 430,000 merchants. It handles more than 1 billion transactions each year and makes $149 billion in payments.

For having the highest number of successful authorizations, this payment gateway was awarded the top-performing payment portal award in August 2020.

Your business can offer customers a variety of payment options with Authorize.Net, including debit cards, credit cards, and eChecks. You can also offer digital payments such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Visa Click to Pay.

Authorize.Net is one of the most trusted payment gateways providers in the USA. It offers advanced fraud detection, recurring payments, and a simplified PCI DSS.


  • Customer Information Manager
  • Digital invoicing
  • Check out quickly
  • Processing of E-checks


  • Reliable & scalable platform
  • Report generation
  • Sync QuickBooks
  • Batch upload and virtual terminal


  • There is no free trial

5. 2Checkout

2checkout top payment gateway USA
Source: 2Checkout

Include an encrypted payment gateway in your eCommerce store. 2CheckOut facilitates digital sales globally and is an all-in-one monetization platform that maximizes revenues. 2CheckOut promises you 24×7 technical support and a dedicated account manager. Data security and privacy are guaranteed.

2CheckOut is able to tackle the challenges of global digital commerce, so It also offers subscription billing services for customers.


  • Subscription billing is supported
  • Checkout customized
  • Account updater


  • More than 100 online shopping carts, systems can be integrated
  • Supports 87 currencies
  • 15 languages supported


  • It’s a bit pricey

6. Amazon Pay

amazon-pay top payment gateway USA
Source: Amazon Pay

When Amazon started to offer payment wallets, the familiar name was a powerful one. You can pay through your Amazon account, without having to leave the shopping window. Amazon Pay integration as a checkout option can increase transaction possibilities and reduce cart abandonment.

It also includes fraud detection and customer verification, which can be a benefit to your business. Amazon is an online retailer so the payment gateway was created to address any payment issues that the user may encounter.


  • Customer Information Manager
  • Validates and verifies the customer
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Excellent technical and customer support


  • Reliable & scalable platform
  • REasy and quick checkout
  • Voice purchase
  • There are very few chances of abandoning your cart.
  • Converts better
  • Credit card information is not required
  • No hidden charges


  • For payments to Amazon, customers will need an Amazon account.

7. WePay

Source: WePay

A secure and robust payment gateway that makes it possible to pay securely. WePay offers integrated payments that can be used for any type of business.

Wepay is the best choice for your eCommerce app because it’s one of the most trusted payment gateways in the USA. No additional charges for instant onboarding or same-day deposits and WePay allow for easy and quick checkout of e-commerce carts. It also reduces cart discard rates.


  • Integrated payments for SMB Saas and POS systems & Online Marketplace
  • Modern RESTful APIs
  • Instant onboarding


  • Chase account holders can get same-day deposits
  • Card Present Solutions
  • Virtual Terminal


  • Charges for credit cards

8. PaySimple

Source: PaySimple

To get the best digital billing services, integrate your e-commerce platform with the PaySimple payment gateways in the USA. PaySimple is a very simple and quick way to transfer money. This gateway has all the necessary technologies to allow money transactions including credit card payments.

PaySimple also offers recurring payments.


  • Flexible payment capture
  • Automated billing
  • Marketing solutions for customers


  • Recurring billing
  • Business Insights
  • Payment forms hosted on the web


  • Acceptance of payments in US Dollars is limited

How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway for your Business?

When choosing a payment gateway to your business, remember that you will be transferring sensitive customer information via the internet. You should always be able to contact the customer service team of your payment gateway if there is a problem with a transaction.

Customers will be resistant to buying from you if your company does not offer multi-currency support. High exchange rates can discourage customers from buying your products. Payment gateways that can accept multiple currencies will improve customer service, increase customer base, and make it easier to pay. This means that you should search for solutions that accept at least three to four currencies.

You should be able to buy from your website. If customers have to register for an account, they may abandon the shopping cart. This can cause customers to delay if they are required to enter the same information several times. You should be able to personalize the payment process for customers and store their native information through your payment gateway.


What’s a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway allows customers to pay online for goods and services. Payment gateways allow customers to pay online using digital information such as credit cards. So merchants can then verify and authorize the transactions

What are the most popular payment gateways in the USA?

There are four main types of payment gateways in the USA:

  • Hosted payment gateway
  • Self-hosted payment gateway
  • API hosted payment gateway
  • Payment gateway for local bank integration

How do I add a payment portal to a website?

For integration and setup of a payment gateway in an online store, you can follow the documentation provided to you by payment gateways. You can also hire an agency or expert to help you integrate a payment gateway into your online store and configure it for you.

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